Prossy Namugenyi – Tailoring and Fashion Design

Prossy received her diploma in Tailoring and Fashion Design at St. Elizabeth Vocational Training Center in Mengo, Uganda. After receiving the diploma, she was immediately hired as a trainer and stayed at the training center for two more years. Then she left to Mukono were she became a trainer at St. Maria Gorriet Vocational Training Center for two more years, before starting at AIDEST.


Samuel Galiwango – Computer courses

Samuel got his Bachelor of Commerce at Makarere University in Kampala. Afterwards, he worked for two years as a counsil assistent at Rosa Consults in Kampala and he was a teacher at Nyenje Primary School in Mukono for 5 years. At this moment, aside from his activities at AIDEST, Samuel is the founder and owner of his own consultancy organization GSConsults. Samuel fulfills several roles at AIDEST, both as a teacher and as a staff member.


Susan Nalule – Hairdressing and Beauty Care

The diploma for Hairdressing and Beauty Care was received at the Excel Vocational Institute in Nansana, which was a 1 year course. Afterwards, Susan worked at a beauty saloon in Nansana before moving to Mukono. There too she worked in a beauty saloon and then started of as a trainer at AIDEST.

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