Our courses

Practical courses offered include;

  • Computer science
  • Computer repair and maintenance
  • Computer networking (ICT development)
  • Fashion and design
  • Hairdressing saloon and cosmetology
  • Catering and cookery
  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Counselling and guidance
  • Phone repair
  • Leather works training.
  • Integration of mathematics and language lessons are to help foreigners communicate better, training in writing skills and communication skills. This would not only change young people’s views and understanding of how events are connected, but also increase their options in life.

During all courses, we aim to improve social development and individual leadership and try to adapt the program to the trainee’s personal goals and capabilities.

*As mentioned, each course depends on the demand for those specific skills in the area where the course is given, thereby anticipating on (future) availability of markets and thereby creating employment.

Half-bursaries are now provided to disadvantaged and vulnerable children and youth (boys & girls) in some of the above development programs, especially those with insufficient funds and for school dropouts.


Technical and innovation skills training

Vocation and Technical Skills Training Program targets the disadvantaged youths aged 15 to 30 years among whom include unemployed, school dropouts, miss-outs, ongoing students, orphans and those who want to improve their talents. We strive for this goal by providing and engaging them in education and various practical courses that fit closely to the circumstances and market-demands in the areas of their specialty. That way, the chances for them on employment increase to a maximum and what they have learned is actually put into practice in their home areas or communities. Each training course depends on the demand for those specific skills and offer free career guidance in the areas where the course is given, thereby anticipating on (future) availability of markets, business establishment and employment creation.

 Education services and promotion

Since its founding, the organization helps a number of less privileged children and youths to secure half bursaries / school fees at primary and tertiary levels. We promote education and training through establishment of education and vocational learning centres to enable young people acquire practical skills thus ensuring access to better services and future.

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