Computer courses

Computer courses are available for both students how have never worked with a computer before and the ones that are more experienced in using a computer. We currently have four computers available, which all run on Microsoft Windows XP and have several software packages installed.

The following computer courses are currently on offer in our program:

Course Duration User fee
Introduction to the computer 2 weeks Free
 Microsoft office 3 months  100,000 Ugx (Total package)
- Word
- Excel
- Powerpoint
- Acces
- Publisher
 Computerized accounting packages
- Quick Books 2 weeks 150,000 Ugx
- Tally 2 weeks 150,000 Ugx
- NCH 2 weeks 150,000 Ugx

After following the course, you will be able to work with the selected program independently and in a professional manner. You can do secretary work or create financial reports for businesses.

Interested in one of these courses? Become a trainee!

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