Tailoring and fashion designing

During the tailoring and knitting course, you will be taught how handle machinery, develop and cut designs and measure and seize them to an individuals specific needs. We currently have five manually operated sewing machines, a knitting machine (i.e. to fabricate shirts), an embroidery machine (i.e. to design logos) and a designer machine (i.e. to finish the clothes) available. Focus will not only be on the production of clothes, but also on other high-demand products like bags or curtains.

After finishing the course, there are several options for you to follow:

  • Start your own youth production cluster group with 2 or 3 other students. Under our guidance, you can set up your own small business funded by reliable banks against low-interest loans
  • Start your own privately owned business, under the guidance of an AIDEST specialist. We help you realize funding at a trustworthy bank against low interest
  • Get a job at the AIDEST production center. At AIDEST we try to be self-reliant by producing and selling our own products. Of course, we need qualified employees to make these products, that’s were you might come in!
  • Become a trainer at AIDEST (if jobs available)

The duration of the course is 5 months and the user fee is 100,000 Ugx. Interested in this course? Become a trainee!

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