Metalwork and Fabrication

In the mental works and fabrication department, a participant or student is taught how to practically handle the machine with the guidance of a technical instructor. He or she will learn to design and create structural metal parts for a variety of industries, including auto, medical, food, housing and construction. Practically participate in all fabrication programs including training in welding, it involves addition to traditional coursework. These programs typically include lab components that teach students the hands-on skills required in the field of metal fabrication.

We currently have a good number of manually and electric operated metal work machines and tools for a workmanship and fabricate of different products like doors, windows, cutting of various machines (small & big), drilling, leveling; fabricating different things that involves innovations.

A student go through metal fabrication course, they will be introduced to the following topics and guidance:

  • Safety procedures and equipment usage
  • Welding and fabrication materials
  • Computers and advanced fabrication technology
  • Machine and manual cutting techniques
  • Career options, information and industries for metal fabricators
  • Sheet metalworking, welding technology
  • A student start your own youth production cluster group with 2 or 3 other students. Under our guidance, you can set up your own small business or enterprise partially supported by AIDEST or funded by reliable banks or other financial institutions against low-interest loans
  • A student start your own privately owned business, under the guidance of an AIDEST specialist. We help you realize funding at a trustworthy bank against low interest
  • A student acquire a job at the AIDEST production center. At AIDEST, we try to be self-sufficient by producing and selling our own products. Of course, we need qualified trainers or tutors to teach youth participants to make these products or garments themselves that they become perfect!
  • A student becomes a trainer of trainees at AIDEST (if you need to improve your creative skills).
  • The duration of this particular course is between 6 and 8 months and the user fee is US$96 for day students and US$179 for boarding students. Are you interested in this course? Become a trainee! After completion come out with a certificate!