June 20th 2013

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June 20th 2013

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June 19th 2013

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June 19th 2013

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March, 2013

AIDEST established a well equipped Life-skills Training Centre in Mukono Municipality, Mukono District, Uganda.

As of April, 2013

Practical training programs started.

On October, 19 – 26, 2013

A team of 2 AIDEST members attended an international workshop in India on Agribusiness and Sustainability – Eradicating Poverty in Rural Communities.

On September, 2014

In collaboration with AIDS Action Uganda, a team from AIDEST organized a meeting with youths from Nyenje village in Mukono Municipality and trained them about practical skills so to create their own employment, also mosquito nets were distributed to mothers and children to control and prevent malaria.

On May, 2020

  • One of our team members participated in a 12 week training organized by the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program and sponsored by Tony Elumelu Foundation, by which he received a Certificate of Completion and funding to implement the business idea – Biogas Alternative to fire a Kiln in the production of pavers and tiles recycled and manufactured from plastic waste material.
  • AIDEST received a donation of vocational and technical tools consignment from GeredGereedschap, a non-governmental organization in the Netherlands. Tools donated include electric sewing machines, metalwork and fabrication equipment, carpentry and joinery tools and other corresponding materials to equip youth in technical and entrepreneurship skills.
  • The organization received Adobe Creative Cloud Donation Program from Taking IT Global(TIG) a Non-governmental organization in the United States that will help young people or youth participants learn creative education (e.g. creative youth development programs that are available to them in community, technical, cognitive and personal life-skills, leadership skills, collaborative skills etc. TIG is one of the AIDEST partners, and this collaboration has existed for years.
  • Herman Kizito, the Director of AIDEST was nominated as GAA Uganda Country Coordinator in 2019 for the Central Uganda. The management and staff gratefully recognize and congratulate him for accepting this opportunity to serve people in Uganda and Africa. Global Aid for Africa is a Civil Society Organization with its International Headquarters in New York, USA, that aims at strengthening sustainable international relations and development partnership that promote and support Africa Member States and Governments to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Agenda 2030 and Africa Unity 2063.